DOG AGILITY is about teamwork and effective communication between you and your dog.

Since dogs don’t speak English and you don’t speak Dog…

WHAT'S THE SECRET? Great agility foundation training!

PROPER FOUNDATION TRAINING will ensure that your dog will not have gaps in his understanding. This will translate into more consistent success in negotiating an agility sequence.



I offer two levels of classes:

Novice Agility

These classes are meant for complete beginner dogs with devoted handlers who really believe in working on the basics before progressing to real equipment or sequencing. They can also be for handlers who feel they are missing some basic foundation skills and want to spend some time addressing those gaps and don't mind being in a class with beginners.

Although having fun with your dog will be important, these beginner classes are not meant for the dabbler who just wants to test drive agility equipment. That's the niche many other facilities fill and this suits many many pet people, but that's not the niche I'm going for. These classes are meant for people who are serious about giving their dog the best possible agility foundation and are willing to put time into doing the less flashy training.

It is strongly suggested that you come to every scheduled class. There will be homework. Ideally, the exercises assigned should be practiced daily. It will take only a few minutes of your time. Every class we will review the homework and then progress to the next step, therefore it is essential that everybody do their homework so nobody falls behind. No refunds or make-up classes will be given to students who miss a class.

Once you and your dog have a solid grasp of basic agility foundation skills, you will be ready to graduate to the next level of classes.

Advanced handling

Prerequisite: completion of Novice agility and/or permission of the instructor.

In Advanced handling we will be running short sequences, and some full courses. We will discuss the best handling options for you and your dog. We will be looking at new trends in competition courses and the best way to train for and handle those courses.

  • Dogs must be at least 11 months old, be healthy and not overweight
  • Puppies from 7 months to 10 months can register for private pre-agility foundation training
  • Proof of up-to-date vaccinations or titers required
  • No females in season
  • Basic obedience is recommended (decent recall, decent sit-stay)
  • Method of payment: cash or cheque
  • Payment required 2 weeks in advance. No refunds 1 week prior to commencement of class
  • Classes held rain or shine
  • No make-up classes for missed lessons
  • Refunds will be given if session is cancelled due to lack of enrollment

Aggression will not be tolerated. Aggressive dogs may be excused at anytime and no refund will be given.

No smoking on the property.

Please contact me if you are interested in registering for group agility classes.

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